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Gaming chairs are all the craze nowadays and while it may have been a meme a few years back to have a chair that’s specifically meant for gaming, that is not the case anymore.  

It has taken into the main stream scene and has become an essential part of any gaming rig nowadays. Big youtubers like  Pewdiepie and the rise of game streaming culture has all led to an explosion in popularity of these chairs.  

And if you are still one of those who have yet to make the move then now is the perfect time for you to get one and finally enjoy being called a gaming elite.  

If you are planning to live stream your games online and want to flaunt how much of a gamer you are, you might wanna consider getting yourself one of the gaming chairs in the list.  

This article on the best gaming chairs is going to list out the best picks out there for you and also answer many of your gaming chair related questions.  

But before we answer those, let’s move straight into our 3 categories of gaming chairs, we will start with the budget category which is around $100-$199, the mid-range which will hover around the $200-$350 price bracket, and the premium segment which will be above $400 (All prices may vary depending on fluctuations). 

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Best Cheap and Budget-Friendly Gaming Chairs


1. Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

Polar Aurora Gaming Chair
Color  White
MaterialFaux Leather
Item Dimensions LxWxH35 x 11 x 25.6 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity 300 Pounds 
Item Weight 42 Pounds
360° Swivel  Yes

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The polar aurora gaming chair is one of the most popular gaming chairs available right now. This is a very functional yet affordable gaming chair that doesn’t compromise. So don’t get misguided with its cheap price which is usually under a hundred bucks in the US.  

The chair comes with a lot of adjustabilities. You can recline it up to 160°. The seats are adjustable and you also have the 360° swivel as an added bonus. The headrest and lumbar support add to additional comfort and overall adds to the value proposition of this chair.  

2. CRYfog Gaming Chair

Cryfog Gaming chair
Dimensions 32.99 x 26.06 x 11.54 inches 
Item Weight  45.9 pounds
Weight capacity 2500 lbs(base)
Reclining  170°
360° SwivelYes
Material Faux Leather

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For around $130 you get a sturdy and comfortable gaming chair.  It’s relatively cheap and provides what you expect and more for the price.  The recliner can recline all the way up to 170° and you have the mandatory 360° swivel as well.  

The chair is supported by a base that claims to withstand up to 2500 lbs. of weight.  Definitely, don’t underestimate this chair, the low price doesn’t mean a bad product. It does the job on the budget.

3. RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Respawn rsp 110
ColorForest Camo
MaterialFaux Leather 
Item Dimensions  LxWxH28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches
Max Weight 275 Pounds
Reclining  155°
Swivel  360°

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For a little over 150 USD, this chair from Respawn is one of the best gaming chairs in the segment.  

This gaming chair is ergonomic, feature rich and very affordable for the amount of comfort it gives.  

You get an extendable footrest and a recliner that can recline for up to 155°. It is a well-cushioned chair that has a variety of comfort-enhancing features such as the lumbar and headrest which are both adjustable and adds to the overall experience for seamless gaming sessions.  

4. POWERSTONE Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest

Powerstone massage gaming
Color  Blue+
Item Dimensions LxWxH29 x 29 x 54 inches
Material Leather
Maximum Weight330 Pounds
Item Weight42.5 Pounds
Swivel  360°
Reclining  180°

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This gaming chair from Powerstone  is a great bargain within the segment. You get, essentially a gaming recliner that essentially doubles as a massage chair.  

It can recline all the way upto 180°, with the added extendable footrest, it can be used for a quick nap. You do get a massage feature added which is a cherry on top and it’s main selling point. Overall a great choice for anyone looking for a gaming/massage chair for cheap.  

5. AutoFull Gaming Chair Racing Style

Autofull Racing Style
Color Black
Material Carbon fiber, Nylon, PU Leather
Maximum Weight 300 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 27.6 x 20.9 x 50.8 inches
Item Weight 44 Pounds
Swivel  360°
Reclining  155°

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This gaming chair is one of the toughest and sturdiest chairs on the market right now. Perfect for both gaming and work, this recliner is built out of carbon fiber fabric and nylon making it extremely durable and long-lasting.  

The chair is very comfortable as well and should be great for e-sports, streaming, studying, and even office work. You get the usual lumbar and headrest and the seat is height adjustable. 

Overall, a great purchase if you are willing to shell out around 200 bucks or so for the chair.  

So these were our picks for the best gaming chairs in the budget segment. Up next is the mid-range segment where things get a little ambiguous so choose whichever one you prefer.  

The Best Gaming Chairs – Mid-Range 

1. Gtracing Premium Gaming Chair

Gtracing Gaming Chair
Material PU leather
Swivel 360°
Reclining 170° 
Max weight 350 lbs.

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This one had to be on this list. The gaming chair is very comfortable and perfect for long hours of gaming, office work or even attending online classes.  

The best part about this recliner is it’s looks. I mean it looks pretty solid and being built out of PU leather, makes it feel premium as well.  

A good choice for gamers looking for a sleek gaming chair. 


2. Komene Ergonomic Office/Gaming Chair

Komene Ergonomic Office Chair
Color Black
Material Mesh
Maximum Weight 250 Pounds 
Package Dimensions 26 x 24 x 13 inches 
Item Weight 35.2 pounds 
Reclining 110° 
Swivel 360°

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At the time of review, this chair had a whooping 92% 5 star rating.  

I was surprised to see a chair get such positive ratings. Needless to say, I wouldn’t do the readers justice if I don’t put it on the list. It is marketed as an office chair but it can definitely be a great gaming chair as well. The back is made out of a mesh-like material which is very breathable. It is a reclining chair up to 110° and the headrest is adjustable.  

Overall a fine chair for the range.  

3. Cooler Master Caliber X1

Cooler Master Caliber X1


Material  Textile, PU Leather
Item Dimensions LxWxH  33.9 x 21.3 x 54.3 inches
Maximum Weight 330 Pounds
Item Weight 54.5 Pounds
Recliner 180° 
Swivel 360° 

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Cooler master is a household brand when it comes to gaming in general. So ofcourse, everyone got excited when they got to see a gaming chair from them finally.  

And of course, the chair is great and people loved it. The gaming chair is built good, has a 180° recliner and a well built head rest and lumbar support. The looks and durability of this chair is definitely up there. Overall a nice gaming chair.  

4. Modern-Depo Massage Video Gaming Recliner

Modern Depo massage/Gaming chair
Material  PU Leather, High-Density Sponge, and Iron
Maximum Weight264.5 lbs
Item Weight 56.22 Pounds 
Recline 140°
Swivel 360° 

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This is in my opinion the most value for money gaming chair in this list.  

I mean I got to hand it to Modern Depo for making no single compromise with this chair.  

This thing has got Bluetooth speakers, massager, cup holders on both hands and an extendable footrest.  

Its wildly comfortable as well due to its quite decent build quality and the materials used are also top notch.  

It has recieved tons of good reviews and people seem to love it.  

Finally, it’s an extremely value for money gaming chair and I wouldn’t want you to miss it. Do have a look and then make up your mind!  

5. FANTASYLAB 400 lbs. Gaming

Fantasylab 400
Dimensions 25. 6″ X 28. 3″X 51. 2″- 53. 5″ 
Material PU Leather
Max weight 400 lbs.
Swivel 360°
Recline 135° 

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This gaming chair is built for heavy duty usage. If you are a gamer who puts alot of emphasis on spending alot of time playing games then this one is a great choice.  

The armrest can be adjusted in three directions and the chair itself is height adjustable as well. You get a lot of fine tunability out of this chair as well as comfort.  

Also, if you are a large guy then this is the chair for you. It has the room to house a large guy in and can withstand upto 400 lbs of weight which is more than enough for the most of us. Additionally, the 4 cooling fans make sure you are cooled down during sweaty summer game sessions.  

6. KLIM Esports Black

Klim Esports Gaming Chair
Color Black
Material Faux Leather 
Item Dimensions LxWxH 51.57 x 29.13 x 22.44 inches 
Maximum Weight   330 Pounds
Swivel 360° 
Recline 160° 

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This one puts a great emphasis on putting you into a better posture. While that’s debatable, what’s not is how good this chair is. Its a very well built and sturdy chair that comes with a lot of adjustability.  

That chair itself is very comfortable and durable and should let you breeze through long hours of seating. The 330 lbs added capacity is a great reassurance that this gaming chair will last for years to come.

Now that we are done with the mid range gaming chairs, lets check out what the premium or the higher end of the spectrum has in store for us. 

Best High-End Gaming Chairs

1. Noblechairs Hero Doom Edition 

Noblechairs Hero Doom Edition
Item Dimensions LxWxH  26.38 x 27.17 x 53.54 inches
Maximum Weight  330 Pounds 
Swivel 360°

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This gaming chair is one of the best looking and most comfortable chairs available right now. It’s usually hard to find so if you do find it in stock then you are really lucky.  

This chair is highly ergonomic and with 4D adjustable arm rests it makes it easier to get accustomed to. The memory foam changes form with your natural body shape, ensuring your comfort never goes away.  

It’s build quality is very good and should be able to last you many years without problem. The overall reviews and customer ratings on this gaming chair is also very highly positive making it an easy recommend.  

2. Razer Iskur Gaming-Chair

Razer Iskur
Color Black 
Material Faux Leather
Item Dimensions LxWxH 26.2 x 29.35 x 53.98 inches
Maximum Weight 136 Kilograms 
Item Weight  66.8 Pounds
Swivel 360°

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Im sure you were wondering where’s razer in this list. Well, good things do need some build up before showing up.  

Well, this gaming chair is targeted for the hardcore gamers or the streamers and e-sports players.  

Its extremely comfortable with it’s high density memory foam and integrated lumbar support. It looks pretty damn good as well and should last a long time due to it’s decent build quality.  

Overall a great, premium buy for the price. 


3. Atlantic Dardashti 


Atlantic Dardashti gaming chair
Color  Blue 
Material Alloy Steel 
Item Dimensions LxWxH  27.38 x 27.38 x 52.06 inches
Maximum Weight 350 Pounds
Swivel 360°
Reclining 155° 

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The Atlantic Dardashti Gaming chair is one of the high end chairs in this list which heavily emphasizes on aesthetics and ergonomics.  

The design is quite unique and the overall result of all of this brainstorming is a gaming chair that’s comfortable and durable.  

Additionally, the armrest is 4 D adjustable and you get lumbar support and a headrest.  

It’s a long lasting gaming chair and you should have a look at it for sure.  

4. AKRacing Masters Series Pro

Masters series pro
Color White
Material Faux Leather
Item Dimensions  LxWxH 25.59 x 23.62 x 59.06 inches
Max Weight330.69 Pounds
Item Weight57 Pounds
Recline 180°
Swivel 360° 

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The Masters series chairs were designed with e-sports in mind. The chair is an all rounder that not only excels in terms of looks but also in terms of ergonomics and comfort.  

It is a terrific chair in terms of build quality. You can easily sit through long hours of rigorous gaming sessions and hardcore matchups without ever feeling discomfort.  

A great gaming recliner for sure and worth checking out. 

5. Noblechairs ICON Black Edition 

Noblechairs ICON black edition chair
Material  PU Leather
Item Dimensions LxWxH 26.38 x 27.17 x 53.94 inches
Maximum Weight 330 lbs 

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The ICON gaming chair from Noblechairs is simplistic elegance at its best.  

Theres no distraction, just pure comfort and simplicity.  

This one comes highly rated and is one of the best premium gaming chairs out there and rightfully so.  

Due to its simplistic looks, it can even fit perfectly in your office or a classroom. The chair is highly comfortable and sturdy. The build is really solid and overall a great gaming chair.  

Additional features include 4 D adjustable arm rests, deform resistant cold-foam and a never ending feeling of comfort.  

So these were the top 5 pics for best gaming chairs under the higher end of the spectrum.  

Bonus Segment – Ultra Premium Scorpions  

These are the most extreme purchases that you would make and you are better off getting a regular one from one of the above ranges. But if you always dreamt of complete illusion then these gaming chairs are where it’s at right now. They are gaining traction and over the years should be more popular and main stream. Regardless, lets have a look at a few of them.  


IWR1 Gaming seater
Color Black 
Material Leather 
Item Dimensions LxWxH 63 x 37 x 66 inches
Maximum Weight  276 Pounds
Item Weight 400 Pounds 

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This one looks the least intimidating in the list but it is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs with the scorpion form factor right now.  

The executive chair used in this product is of extremely high quality. Made out of genuine leather, you can feel how premium this seat is. It looks pretty solid and you can mount up to 3 monitors with it.  

Again, these things are not for regular gamers. Only get one of these if you have an excruciating thirst for illusion and getting lost inside your game and have the money to buy one of these goliaths.  

2. IWJ20-DX Imperator Works Computer Chair, Workstation

IWJ20-DX gaming chair
Dimensions 83” (2100mm) L x 63” (1600mm) W x 98” (2500mm) H 
Material Carbon steel, leather
Reclining  170°
Max weight  308 lbs.
Item weight 400 lbs.

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This one is a more fierce sibling of the previous chair on this list. 

It really looks like a beast and makes you feel like you are within a beast when you mount this gaming chair.  

The seat has vibration massage function and a heating function as well and should keep you heated up and ready to go no matter how long you are seated. You can mount upto 3 monitors on this gaming chair.  

Additional features include upto 170° of reclining.  

Added to all of that, you also get a very comfortable and premium quality leather seat. The gaming chair also boasts a leg rest and a footrest. With Zero-Gravity positioning through manual control provided as well.  

3. YUYTIN Scorpion Style Gaming  

YUYTIN Scorpion style
MaterialPU Leather
Max Weight276 lbs.
Power 50 to 200 Watts

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If you even consider buying this or wasting your money on this then you have got some serious issues, Pal. 

 It’s my job to tell you that something like this exists. But seriously, as another reviewer preciously mentioned, this thing is the true definition of overkill.  

As a product, it’s pretty good and as you can wonder, with the amount of green you need to spend to buy it, you are getting the best of everything with this. Only the most extreme of gamers should even consider this as an option.



So far we have looked at some of the most affordable gaming chairs, the medium range gaming chairs and the higher end chairs as well.  

At the time of writing this article, these were the best gaming chairs that we could find and have put alot of effort into bringing forward this content.  

And do remember to exercise and keep yourself in shape. Gaming is definitely important and we are passionate about it as well. But we want our readers to be healthy and kicking, so do exercise everyday before and after you game!  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are gaming chairs?  

Well, chairs meant for gaming. I mean, they are gaming chairs but really they can work like any other regular chair, and whether you need them or not is debatable but I would really suggest trying them as they are much more comfortable and superior to any regular office chair. They also come with extra features which most other chairs just don’t offer.  

Are gaming chairs worth it?  

Gaming chairs have gotten a lot of traction recently due to their use by almost every big streamer or tech YouTuber. Some people may call it a redundant waste of money but these chairs have a lot going for them apart from just gaming. 

What should I look for in a gaming chair?  

You want it to have the good build quality, made out of some sort of leather and a strong metal frame. It should have a lot of tweaking functionalities such as height adjustments or other additional features. As well as great gamer aesthetics.  

Are these chairs very expensive?  

No, you don’t even need to buy the most expensive ones to enjoy a gaming chair. We have added some sub 100$ chairs to this list which is not at all bad and really is value for money in terms of how affordable they are. I would usually suggest you buy something that costs at least close to $180-$200 because that’s where you can find the most value. 

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