Sharp carousel microwave 1100 watts – A review

The Sharp carousel microwave 1100 watts is a very popular microwave and we can see many households have loved using it over time. Currently, it is one of the most affordable 1100 watts microwaves out there. It has excellent performance and gives its users access to a varied range of perks and features. Over the last few days, we have taken an in-depth look at this microwave and we will be pointing out all of its important features in this comprehensive review and we will make sure that this can help you in making your purchase and easing you with all of your queries and questions regarding this microwave.  

In this article, we have put together the best sharp carousel microwave 1100 watts oven review for your pleasure.  

SHARP Carousel microwave 1100 watts 1.8 Cu. Ft.

sharp carousel microwave 1100 watts
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Before we begin the review, let’s talk about the dimensions of this microwave.  

The dimensions are: 18.90 x 23.20 x 13.30 (D x W x H)  

The weight of this microwave is: 39.20 lbs 

Now that we talked about the numbers of this microwave oven, let’s go ahead and review the actual product itself. That’s the main reason that you came here for after all.  


The Sharp carousel microwave 1100 watts which is a countertop oven, comes with quite a sizable 1.8 cu. Ft. Of capacity. This extra-large nature of this microwave is perfect for a family. It is primarily designed as a countertop microwave. The first thing that you will notice about this countertop microwave other than the fact that it looks elegant and feels sturdy is the fact that when you open it up, it’s very roomy. Evidently, after reading the capacity, you might have actually made that conclusion yourself. Regardless of that, you don’t really have to worry about running out of space as it will handle most of your day to day microwave needs. This one has got your back and you can count on it.  

Feature overview

This microwave also comes with many premium features such as auto defrost and precise cooking technology which has 6 sensors working in harmony to bring you some of the best-cooked dishes that you can think of. Meaning, it won’t take a lot of hard work on your end to make sure your dishes turn great, this microwave will take care of all of that for you.  

The Sharp carousel microwave 1100 watts comes with quite a few sensor functions, such as potato, Frozen Entreé, Frozen Vegetables, and Sensor Reheat.  

If half of your daily cooking time is wasted on melting or softening different food items then this microwave will be your perfect companion. You may ask why. Well, that’s because it comes with a simple and easy or in other words very highly convenient melt/softens feature which lets you melt your butter, chocolate, cheese, and of course, everyone’s favorite dessert ice cream! 

Sharp has also provided a one-touch cook button just for popcorn and beverage so you don’t have to worry too much about movie night and relax with your family, while this machine does all the work for you. While at the same time making sure everything cooks perfectly.  

So far so good. There’s a lot of other features waiting for you and when you buy this microwave you will be satisfied with your purchase which is definitely for sure.  

Sharp carousel microwave 1100 watts – Ease of use

Also, like every other microwave, this one will need to be cleaned. But no worries, this beauty excels here as well. The stainless-steel body and interior make it easy and less cumbersome to clean and it will start looking squeaky clean right after a few wipes. Don’t waste all of your energy cleaning one microwave. This is why this microwave is so great.  

As we already know by its name, The Sharp carousel microwave 1100 watts has a carousel turntable.

Which makes it very easy to cook all of your favorite food items, including snacks and beverages.  

The turntable for this beauty is a nice 15” which is quite large and perfect for cooking for an aptly sized family. The looks are elegant as well with its stainless steel build and a very attractive blue LED display. You can pretty much install it as a built-in and it fits in perfectly on most countertops without any problem. You can expect guests to get very impressed just by looking at this beauty. Wait till they taste what it can offer! 

 A closer look

Overall, I can definitely understand why there’s all the craze in town about the Sharp carousel microwave 1100 watts. Its got tons of features is elegant, sturdy, and does the job pretty damn well.  

Of course, the cherry on top is its XL size which can feed quite a few mouths per session. 

It’s quite fascinating how this machine works so well and offers so much for the price. And I have to say, it is definitely one of the best microwaves that you can find for the price. Reviewing this piece was quite a pleasure and a great experience as well. If you have any second thoughts then you can erase them out of your mind and go for this beauty right now.  

You can also expect it to last quite some time and be with the family for a long time. These microwaves are known all throughout for their reliability and durability.  

So the main thing that we get out of this review is the fact that this is an excellent choice for you. And you definitely won’t be regretting it if you buy it. Cook safe and cook with a smile. All of your food will taste delicious!  


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Final conclusion

This review was meant to bring light and assist those who were in need of a good microwave. And this sharp carousel microwave 1100 watts happens to be just that. It checks all the marks and packs an elegant style and performance for the price. And overall it is definitely going to be a great buy for you and your kitchen. Also, your family members will all love this microwave as well.

So go ahead and buy it by clicking the buy now button above.

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