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Office chairs usually come in many different shapes and sizes. Most people have varied tastes when it comes to choosing their chairs. But there’s a sort of universal agreement between most folks that the higher the capacity of the office chair, the better it is. And we can’t agree more. While it is true that sheer rated capacity should not be the only parameter to choose an office chair from, we totally understand where most people are coming from.  

And yes, there’s a few other important stuff that’s also very crucial when it comes to these office seats. So let’s have a look at some of our favorite office chairs that have high capacity and also are overall amazing.  

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6 Of The Best Office Chairs Rated Over 300 lbs 

1. Ergousit Ergonomic Office Chair High

Office chairs rated over 300 lbs ergosuit
9Expert Score

  • Breathable back and spinal shape make for a great chair that's perfect for long hours of seated work.
  • Great design and premium build quality
  • Passed SGS certification
  • The only con I can find on this chair is if you are working in a cold environment then you don't want a chair with mesh back(due to obvious reasons).
Material Nylon, Mesh
Rated Weight Capacity 300 lbs. 

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At the time of review, this office chair is still one of the best rated chairs on the market.  

People seem to love this chair for its amazing comfort and it’s fantastic quality.  

Even in terms of design, it’s built specifically to improve your sitting posture and keep your back intact. The ergonomic design ensures the seaters postures to remain optimal at all times.  

The backrest can also be tilted from 90° up to 110°. 

Speaking of good design, the back itself is built out of a high-density mesh material. This leads to a drastically reduced heat and moisture retention which can really make you uncomfortable otherwise.  

The chair also has a unique and modern design and is highly comfortable. The materials used to build it are top notch and it shows on the final product. All of these features make it easily one of the best office chairs rated over 300 lbs.  

Overall an awesome office chair that you should definitely consider checking out.  

2. Dkeli Executive Big and Tall – Office Chairs Rated Over 300lbs.

Dkeli executive office chair
8.6Expert Score

  • Highly comfortable
  • Rated for 500 lbs
  • Passed the BIFMA and SGS certification tests
  • At 160 lbs., it is one of the heavier chairs on this list.
Material  PU leather
Weight Capacity 500 lbs. 

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Undoubtedly, one of the top choices, when we think of a strong and sturdy office chair.

Not only does it have a maximum capacity much larger than 300 lbs. It also has a great build quality. 

The soft padding and a comfortable headrest make it perfect if you want to relieve all your stress and tension from your hard day of work. 

The chair is height adjustable and can be modified according to your own needs. 

In terms of build quality, the chair is pretty durable and strong. You have a body made out of soft PU leather on top of a rigid metal frame. The chair itself is SGS and BIFMA certified which speaks a lot about how durable it truly is.

All of this leads to a very fantastic experience for the user. Partly, due to the high comfort levels that one feels while sitting on this chair. 

Overall a very amazing office chair for a great price. 

3. Tyyps Big & Tall Heavy Duty Executive Office Chair

Tyyps Big and tall
8.5Expert Score

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  • Rated for a massive 500 lbs.
  • Built-in massager
  • <em>Massager only has one level. </em>
Material Faux Leather 
Weight Capacity 500 lbs.

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If you are a larger and taller person then this chair has been specifically designed for you. 

With an extra large seating area and  being height adjustable, most large people can easily take their seat on this chair. 

The backrest can recline all the way upto 120 degrees.  

On top of that, you get padded arm rests and the height adjustment is also gas lifted. 

Another important feature is the lumbar massage. You get an usb powered massager built-in on the lumbar support. On top of that, the chair is made to withstand high amount of weight. This makes it feel very sturdy and solid overall. 

Our final verdict on this chair is that it’s a pretty good choice for big people and worth having a look at. 

4. Tribesigns High Back Desk Chair with Breathable Mesh

Tribe signs office chair rated over 300 lbs.
8.9Expert Score

  • Excellent design and form factor
  • Strong and durable
  • Highly comfortable due to dense sponge cushioning.
  • None other than the slight inconvenience of mesh(only if you are operating under colder environments).
Material Nylon Mesh 
Rated for 300 lbs 

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This is one of the better choices to go for if you are looking for an ergonomic marvel. 

This one is stuffed to the brim with high density sponge. To be specific, around 6.5 cm of high density native sponge. This leads to a pleasant and cushiony experience while also preventing any deformation on the chair itself. 

The chair can also recline. It can be described in one word, and that is “flexible”. You can make this chair recline all the way upto 150°. This makes it perfect if you happen to take a nap on it. 

It’s also great for large people because of its extremely resilient and strong nylon body. Overall, I can easily recommend it to our readers as well as my friends and family. 

5. MOOJIRS Ergonomic – Office Chair

Moojirs ergonomic office chair
9.5Expert Score

  • Very high build quality
  • Certified in 3 quality tests
  • 7 adjustment functions
  • Great comfort
  • <strong><em>Mesh chairs are designed to keep you cool so it might not be for you if you live in Siberia.</em></strong>  
Material Aluminum, Mesh 
Rated for  450 lbs. 

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Let me make it clear, this one is the most expensive chair on this list.  

But for the premium you pay for this, you end up getting back in many years of long lasting usage.  

You get 7 functions on this chair. These include headrest adjustments, adjustment of arms in 4 directions, seat height and backrest height adjustments and tilt adjustments. This really ensures that this chair can fit every person’s unique body type.  

The body is built out of strong aluminium frame and high quality nylon mesh. Consequently, It passed the quality supervision tests including BFS, SIFMA and ofcourse TUV.  

And also, with a massive 450 lbs. of maximum weight capacity, you can easily be sure that this chair can easily withstand weights rated over 300 lbs. An amazing piece of craftsmanship overall.  

6. Tribesigns Ergonomic Office Chair with 23.6 Inch Wide Seat Lumbar Support

Office chair rated over 300 lbs. Tribesigns
8.5Expert Score

  • Looks and feels premium
  • Quality materials have been used to build this office chair
  • An overall great chair, but doesn't recline which can be a bummer for a few people.
Material  Faux Leather
Weight Capacity400 lbs.

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One of the more premium looking and feeling office chairs in this list. This one is also a viable option if you are looking for something solid. 

The chair is imbued with high-density sponge which makes it extra comfy as well as deformity resistant. 

In terms of base materials, the base is made out of heavy duty R350 aluminum. 

This office chair is also height adjustable. 

Additionally, the back rest is made out of high grade faux leather, and is breathable which is commendable. 

Finally, the chair also boasts SGS certified gas lift which ensures safe height adjustments. Large people can fit on this chair as well making it one of the ideal chairs rated over $300. 


Are these office chairs rated for 300 lbs trustworthy and safe?  

The short answer is yes. The long answer is as long as you follow the instructions and as long as you are under the maximum weight capacity of the chair, you should be fine.  

Even if you exceed the maximum weight, you still have a few pounds buffer to work with although that isn’t suggested.  

Are there any do’s and don’ts with these office chairs?  

Well, the obvious and most important thing to note is that office chairs are meant for sitting. Even if you buy an office chair rated over 300 lbs, it still doesn’t mean a 250 lbs person should stand on it. Never use a chair as a makeshift ladder. Especially, the ones with swivels like these.  

Can I use these office chairs for gaming?  

I don’t see why not. Gaming chairs are great as well but office chairs are usually cheaper and provide a bit more value. Although one might argue that gaming chairs are more comfortable. And come with more varied features which are indeed true.  

You can check out these articles down below if you are interested in getting a gaming chair instead.  

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Office chairs rated over 300 lbs. – The Conclusion 

Over the course of this article, we looked at quite a few office chairs rated over 300 lbs. Many of these chairs have their own unique form factors but all of them are quite sturdy. You should expect these chairs to last for quite a while. 

Here’s to your new comfy companion and hopefully you can make the right choice out of these chairs. 

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