How to vote kick in Mordhau | Complete Guide to Mordhau Commands

In this guide, we will explain how to vote kick in Mordhau. We will also talk about a few other basic commands. But our main highlight in this article will be how to kick the annoying trolls who ruin the fun for everyone. For doing this we will have to follow three easy steps. If you don’t want to read the whole article you can directly skip to the steps on how to vote kick in Mordhau by clicking skip ahead to steps.

Mordhau – Overview 

Mordhau is a multiplayer medieval hack and slash game that was released back in April of 2019. Since then, the game took the world by storm and has been one of the most popular and beloved multiplayer games of the genre. 

It’s a strictly multiplayer experience and can be very fun to play solo or with a group of friends. 

It’s an indie development funded through a kickstarter that was started way back in 2017. Triternion, the studio behind Mordhau was able to deliver a solid multiplayer fighter game which is commendable to say the least. 

We have seen triple-A games being in development for much longer and studios spending millions of dollars to finally end up delivering a buggy and dysfunctional mess which is an alpha version at best.  

Anyway, the whole point of Mordhau as a game is to simulate a medieval fighting style multiplayer experience. And for the most part, the game is very enjoyable and quite a lot of fun and delivers what it promises. 

But what ruins the fun for most of us and I’m sure you have experienced this many times as well, are the trolls and the team killers. The game seems to have an endless supply of them and the infestation only keeps getting worse. 

Can we kick a teammate in Mordhau?  

While this is not a problem exclusive to Mordhau. Infact it is quite common in most multiplayer games to have trolls and team killers. But it’s also true that these games have a system in check to kick trolls or griefers. Games like CSGO, which is one of the most popular multiplayer game of all time has a solid vote kick system. And although, both these games are fundamentally different, 

Mordhau at it’s core is also an MP so we would expect a vote kick button for sure right? Well, this is where it lacks behind, granted, it does have a mechanism in place to kick players and yes you can kick players in Mordhau. But the process itself feels obsolete and I don’t know if it was intended to make the game actually feel more ‘medieval’ than it already is but adding a dedicated button to vote and kick a player would definitely increase the playability aspect of the game multiple folds. So let’s go ahead and actually learn how to vote kick in Mordhau. For the time being this is the only method available to get the job done until Triternion releases a new update and fixes it. 

How to vote kick a player in Mordhau  

Do note that there’s no magic button or hidden setting that you can find. You have to literally tweak your game’s ini file in order to be able to vote kick a player in Mordhau. I know it’s not the most convenient way to kick someone but it’s all we got at the time.  

But once you are done tweaking it, i. e binding a specific key to launch the console. Then you can easily initiate the vote kick, then the process will become less tedious and much easier to execute.  

Here are the steps you need to follow to vote-kick a player in Mordhau: 

Step 1. Find the Steam game installation files for Mordhau and then locate the defaultinput.ini file that is within the config folder.  

This is straight forward, for the average user, the file should be located at C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Mordhau\Config.

Step 2. Edit the defaultinput.ini file.  

To achieve this, you will have to right-click on the file and then select ‘open with’ and then choose a text editor like notepad. From there on, you need to find ‘ConsoleKey’. You can either scroll down or press ctrl+f to launch the find prompt and then search it. Either way, once you find it, you will need to assign a key to the launch console. We usually set it to the “~” symbol. And of course, don’t add the double quotes, simply assign the ~ symbol after the = operator and you should be good to go.  

Step 3. Launch Mordhau and begin your kicking spree.  

All jokes aside, dont randomly start kicking people after this.  

All you have to do now is once you are in a match, just click the key that you assigned earlier and it will open up the console.  

Now type “votekick” within the console (without the double quotes ), followed by a space and then the playername and hit enter.  

Make sure you type the exact player name the way it is spelled, including uppercase and lowercase letters.  

This should initiate the vote kick and if you’re lucky, should kick the pesky griefer who has been ruining your gaming experience out of the match lobby.  

So these were the three steps that you can take to easily vote kick a player in Mordhau.  

There’s an alternative command as well in case you don’t want to type the complete player name. Just type in playerlist on the console and hit Enter.  Now you will get a list of all the players in the match corresponding to their player numbers. You can note down this number and now all you have to do is type in “votekick” and follow it with a player number instead.  

But you might be wondering, now that I have access to the console, is vote kicking players the only thing I can do? 

Well, thankfully, the console can make a lot of other things happen, depending on the admin rights of course.  

Heres a list of other commands to use in Mordhau’s in game console

1adminloginGives you Administrator Access
2adminaddAdds a new admin to the admin list.
3adminlist Lists current server admins.
4removeadminRemoves a specific admin from the admin list.
5changelevel <map name> change current map 
6restartlevelRestarts current map. 
7addbots x (x denotes number)Adds bots
8removebots xKills specific number of bots
9kickKicks player (choose a name).
10ban unban banlist Lists banned players.
11exit Quit game. 
12disconnectDisconnects from server.
13demorec nameRecord a demo.
14demoplayPlay a demo. 
15demostopStop a demo.
16Stat FPS Shows the FPS counter
17slomo <value> slows or speeds up game
18PlayersOnly Freezes only bots
19ChangeSize xChanges the size of your character in single-player mode. 
20m.ShowCrosshair 0Disables cross-hair, 1 for enabling back
21m.inverseattackdirection 1Inverts attack direction. 
Mordhau Commands List

These commands might be helpful if you want to tweak a few in-game parameters. And may add something extra to the game.  

The game has been out for nearly three years now. And the chart below shows that although it once peaked at 60,000 concurrent players during its initial days. The numbers have now whittled down to about 5000. And it has kept it stable at that number so far which is a good thing. It might someday be on top of steam charts if Triternion ever decides to make it free to play. So let’s look forward to that as well.  The source for this chart is given here.

How to vote kick in Mordhau- Statistical analysis.
Average player numbers have been stable for Mordhau

A Final Word of Advice for Mordhau Players

While it is great to have the ability to kick someone, it is also not justified to kick a person out of a match for the most insignificant reasons. Many times these things happen unintentionally, and a strong word of advice would be to just take it easy. Don’t abuse the system and only use this as a last resort. Remember, you might be at the receiving end of the stick someday as well.  

And to speak out about the obvious,  if you don’t want to be kicked out of the game yourself, then make sure to be careful when you aim and look out for your teammates. There’s also perk’s like friendly which helps dissipate the damage done to friends and teammates as. So do leverage these tips the next time you log into the game. 

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