How To Quiet A Noisy Refrigerator Compressor

If you ever wondered how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor then you are in the right place.

Refrigerators are an important appliance for any house. And while it may not seem like it, most refrigerators are nothing but noisy, and regardless of brand and make, people seem to ignore this issue. 

I still remember the countless nights that I had to stay awake because of the unnecessarily loud buzzing noise of my refrigerator. It’s not pleasant and losing sleep because of a home appliance should definitely not be something to take lightly. After all, a refrigerator’s job is only to keep our food fresh, not distract us with unpleasant noises and steal our peace. 

This is why, we brought you some quick fixes that you can apply yourself and easily fix your noisy refrigerator in no time. 

So here it goes. 

How To Quiet A Noisy Refrigerator – 8 Easy Fixes 

1. Clean Up Your Refrigerator  

If you haven’t cleaned up your refrigerator for a while then that may be the cause of all the noisiness.  

Over time, dirt will accumulate on the fans of your fridge and the same is true for your compressor. This can cause your refrigerator to become noisy as well as lower its life considerably.  

I for one, believe that having a dirty refrigerator is just as worse if not more, than having a noisy one.  

Cleaning up the fan and the compressor can easily fix your noisy refrigerator compressor. So next time if you see dirt accumulate on your refrigerator you know what to do. 

2. Use Anti-Vibration Pads   

Anti-vibration pads for your refrigerator

If the root cause of the noise is uneven leg-to-floor contact, then adding one of these anti-vibration pads can easily fix it.

All you need to do is place them under the legs of your refrigerator and voila, the annoying noises are gone. These things can also work on any other noisy appliance that you have in your home.

3. Utilize A Rubber Mat


rubber mat

As the floor is the only point of contact for the fridge, a lot of the noise propagates through it. Thus, we can easily fix it by adding an insulating material such as a rubber mat of considerable thickness under the legs of our refrigerator.  

Most of us have rubber mats lying around at home so this is one or the easiest and quickest fixes out there.  

And if you don’t have one already then don’t worry, we got you covered, this rubber mat from amazon should get the job done for you.  

4. Use Acoustic Foam  

Although it’s not as effective as the anti-vibration pads, if the root cause of the noise is not the legs of your fridge, then using sheets of acoustic foam to cover the surrounding walls of the noisy refrigerator can help in absorbing some of that noise. 

Acoustic foam will not only absorb noise from the refrigerator, but also any other noisy appliance within that room. On average, you should see 70% of the noise being absorbed which is a considerable margin. 

We recommend you getting one of these.  

5. Install Insulating Material Behind The Refrigerator

Insulating material behind the refrigerator

The back of your fridge is a delicate area. The condenser coils present on the back of your fridge allow heat to be passed through and ensures efficient cooling. This is why we can’t directly soundproof the back, but what we can do is add a layer of insulating material on the wall behind the fridge.  

While you can easily cut a few sheets of Vinyl and stick it on the wall behind the fridge if you don’t have the time to DIY it then you can just use acoustic foam which will do the job just as fine for you. 

6. Move the fridge away from you 

moving noisy fridge away to another location

While it may seem obvious, but if a noisy refrigerator is bugging you, chances are, your living room or bedroom is near the refrigerator. To fix this, just move it away to another location. Preferably a corner area of the house which will block more noise.  

This is one of the easiest and most straightforward fixes on how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor.  

7. Put The Fridge In A Casing 

You can build a wooden case that will fit the refrigerator. This way, most of the noise can be trapped within this encasing. If you can add some soundproofing materials within the walls of this encasing then that would be a cherry on top. The result will be an extremely quiet and noise-free experience.

Most people can’t just move their refrigerator away or have enough free space available to do so. If that is the case then this is one of the best ways to solve the problem of how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor.  

8. Replacing The Compressor  

If the noise is extremely uncomfortable and loud then it might be an underlying issue with the compressor itself. While compressors can be repaired, trying to do it yourself will only further damage your refrigerator even more. Just contact your refrigerator brand’s customer care and let them know and they will send you a technician to fix and replace any faulty compressor.  

While now we know how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor when we see one, we must also look at some of the underlying causes to this issue. In fact, prevention is better than cure and if you can detect some of these factors before your refrigerator even starts to become noisy, then you can save yourself a lot of time and energy.

Noisy Refrigerator Compressor Root Causes

There can be a lot of underlying factors for a refrigerator compressor to get noisy. While some of these require you to seek professional help. Thankfully, most of the underlying factors that cause a refrigerator compressor to be noisy can be fixed at home.  

Some of the factors include:- 

Dirty Refrigerator  

It is the most common cause which leads to most refrigerators getting noisy. The back of our refrigerators has a series of coils called condenser coils. These coils are one of the main components which enable our refrigerators to cool down. Traditionally, the heat passes through these coils, and all the heat inside the refrigerator is taken out through these coils. But if dust or dirt accumulates on them then their efficiency decreases because now your refrigerator must work even harder to dissipate the heat into the condenser coils. This can, in turn, lead to the refrigerator becoming noisy. 

Uneven Legs Of The Refrigerator 

Refrigerators will vibrate and give out a rumbling sound if it isn’t placed on an even surface. Many times, our floor is not even throughout. And while we may not notice an uneven floor surface, they are indeed present. If that is the case then your refrigerator will inevitably start making noises because the uneven surface lets it have the space to vibrate.  

Refrigerator Not Filled-Up Properly 

As mentioned earlier, refrigerators tend to vibrate and move a little bit when operating. This is normal because it has a motor inside it. So, if a fridge is not filled up then it’s only normal for it to make more noises. If you own a fridge but don’t store a lot of stuff inside it, then this may be the root cause of it. So, you should definitely consider filling it up more.  

Faulty Compressor 

It is the most unlikely case. But if the noise is exceptionally loud and you also seem to have problems having the refrigerator cool more efficiently. Then you may be having a faulty compressor.  

The best way to diagnose this issue is if you turn off your fridge for 30 minutes and then turn it on again and after around 30 minutes it is not as cold as it normally is then you may be having a faulty compressor. 


After reading this article, you should have got the answer on how to quiet a noisy refrigerator compressor. If you applied these quick fixes then you should have a noise free refrigerator and live in your ideal peaceful home. All of us deserve a good night’s sleep and no one should have to deal with a noisy refrigerator at home. 

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