How To Install Steam VR (Install Steam VR on your PC)

If you are wondering how to install Steam VR then you are at the right place. 

Whether you are using an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or even a Microsoft Mix Reality Headset. The Steam VR software lets you access them all to play your favorite games. It is the perfect way to enjoy the magic of VR technology and frankly, if you don’t use Steam VR then you are definitely missing out on the fun. The software although not perfect throughout, does an excellent job in providing you access to your most favorite VR titles through a headset of your choice.  Keep reading to learn how to install Steam VR on your PC.

What is Steam VR? 

Steam VR is a tool that lets you play your favorite VR titles using any supported VR headset. Be it the Valve Index, rift, or Microsoft Mix Reality. If you have any one of those above-mentioned headsets or any one of the headsets in this list then you should definitely start using Steam VR to enhance your Virtual Reality experience.

Why do I need steam VR? 

Using Steam VR you get many perks such as : 

  • Choose your own hardware/headset.  
  • Monitor the status and health of your VR headset.  
  • Customize the audio, video, and input settings for your headset.  
  • Set boundaries for your surroundings using the Chaperone system so you never lose track of reality while also being immersed in the VR world. 
  • Access to Steam VR home which is an all in one Hub for all your VR needs. For example, you can connect to friends, add other VR hardware, and manage your overall VR experience.  

Now that we know what Steam VR is and why we need it. Let’s go ahead and look into the steps on how to install it. 

How to install  Steam VR on PC 

We are assuming you have already installed steam, if not, go to Steam’s Official Website. Download the application and sign up.  

1. Plug in your VR Headset.  

If it is not already, then go ahead and plug your VR headset and let windows detect it.  

2. Launch Steam.  

After you have plugged the VR headset you need to launch steam. Lanch it from your desktop or search it in the search bar and launch it.  

3. Install Steam VR when prompted.  

After you have launched steam with your headset plugged in. You will recieve a prompt to install Steam VR. Click on the Install Steam VR button and it will start installing Steam VR for your system.   

4. Install Windows Mix Reality 

Go to Store and search for Windows Mix Reality. After you are on their install page, click on install. After this, steam should start downloading it. Let it download and install first.  

5. Start Playing your favorite Steam VR games  

Finally, now that you have set up your Steam VR you can start playing your favorite VR titles. Just go to your steam library and click on play game. Enjoy!  


Steam VR is the perfect companion tool for your VR headset. Regardless of your hardware. Because this tool supports over 2 dozen VR headset models so chances are, your hardware is most likely supported as well. Follow the above steps on how to install steam vr set up your Steam VR experience and start playing.  Also, if you are interested, read How to defragment in Windows 10.

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