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If you have been in a hunt for a good gaming chair with cup holders then you have arrived at the right place. 

Out of the many different classes of people out there, it is a well established fact that gamers are some of the thirstiest of the bunch. 

Well, all jokes aside, most gamers out there forget to get their daily dose of hydration. And when it finally comes to quenching their thirst, they have to go through the inconvenience of pausing their game, or worse, leaving in the midst of a live multiplayer match and annoyingly get out of their seats. This can cost gamers a lot of in game and real life grievance.  

Surely, you donot want to keep your liquids on your desk. Trust me, you donot want to be like me, who, also a gamer, had to face severe consequences of this tiny mistake. And I regret it every day ever since.  

And lo and behold, here comes the cup holder 

It’s crazy how a tiny little invention like a cup holder can improve lives of millions of people so dramatically. Although cup holders aren’t a new thing, they sure are a new thing in the gaming world. Hell, even gaming chairs werent mainstream a few years ago. Who would have thought we would have days when they start selling gaming chairs with cup holders.  

Oh, how far have we progressed.  

Anyway, without further ado, in this list we will find the best gaming chair with cup holders for you.  

The best gaming chair with cup holders list 

1. POWERSTONE Gaming Chair Recliner

gaming chair with cup holders powerstone


Primary MaterialsPu Leather, foam, iron 
Overall dimensions31.5 inches x 31.5 inches x 42 inches (L x W x H) 
Backrest dimensions24 inches x 28 inches (W x H)
Seat dimensions22 inches x 19.5 inches (D x W)
Armrest dimensions21.5″ x 5.5″ (L x W)
Side pouch dimensions7.5 inches x 7.5 inches (L x W)
Weight50 lbs 
Overall capacity264.5 lbs 
Cup-holderYes, single cup-holder
Other featuresMassage Chair

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This is currently one of the most popular and highly rated gaming chair with cup holders in the market.  

what you get inside the box. 

You get the gaming chair itself, the manual controller and the charger. You also get some other paperwork like an instruction manual.  

Now the first impressions of this product will be, it looks and feels pretty solid. And if you know me, I love myself anything thats pretty solid.  

The looks are definitely there and as soon as you have set this throne up, you would wanna get down to business. Which is ofcourse sitting on it.  

I must say, this might be the most comfortable thing you that you will ever sit on. So far, that you can actually fall asleep on it.  

And we haven’t even talked about it’s features yet.  

One of it’s primary features is that it doubles as a massage chair. That means not only is it comfortable on its own, but it also gives you back massages.  

You can recline back all the way from 90 degrees to upto 140 degrees.  

The base is a 360 degree swivel base. You get a nice and comforting footrest as well.  

PowerStone built this gaming chair specifically for gamers ofcourse but it can also double up as a living room recliner or a comfortable home theater seating. 

You get a manual controller with this chair. It let’s you adjust the strength of the massage, positioning as well as timing. You get upto 8 massage settings. The build of the controller itself is average but it’s not the main selling point here as well as it does it’s job very well.  

Other than that, the chair itself has adjustable controllers for both the backrest and the footrest.  

The star of the show is ofcourse the main event, which is why I kept it for the last.  

Yes, you get a cup holder with this chair and yes its very adequate and can hold your edible liquids safe and sound for you.  

Overall, this is the best pick right now for a gaming chair with cup holders. You should definitely have a look at it here.


2. Modern-Depo Video Recliner Gaming Chair with Cup Holders

Primary materialPU leather, High density S sponge, iron
Item weight56.22 lbs 
item capacity265 lbs
Cup-holdersYes, 2

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This is one of the better options if you are looking for a good gaming chair with cup holders.  

You get a lot of great features with this one. You get a comfortable headrest. Also, you get a side pouch which is great for keeping important items close.  

You get a lumbar support as well.  

Additionally, this chair also gives you a cup holders on both sides. Making it a top pick for one of the best gaming chair with cup holders. 

Other than that, the back of the chair can recline from 90 degrees all the way upto 140 which puts it into exceptional territory. Couple that with the high grade PU leather and high density sponge, this thing becomes a comfort seekers ultimate dream.  

The base has 360 degree swivel, as we would expect from a quality chair like this. Along with that, you are accompanied by a comfortable footrest which can be extended 

You get a gas lift bar which lets you easily adjust the recliner of your chair.  

All of these ultimately add to the comfort and ease of life of the user and makes for some comforting times whenever you game or blow off your steam.  

If you are looking for a good gaming chair with cup holders then you can go for this without going wrong. 

3. Dercass Racing Style Gaming Chair with cup holders 

dercass gaming recliner
Primary materialsHigh-quality fabric surface, sponge cushion with springs, steel frame 
Product Dimension23.6 x 23.6 x 43.3 inches (L x W x H)
Back Dimension23.2 x 32.7 inches (W x L)  
Sitting Height20.1 inches 
Seat Size20.3 x 22.4 inches (W x H)
Net Weight 56.22 lbs
Capacity275 lbs
Cup-holdersYes, 2

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This marvelous gaming chair from Dercass is truly one of the most premium and comfortable gaming chair with cup holders out there. 

This marvelous gaming chair from Dercass is truly one of the most premium and comfortable gaming chair with cup holders out there. 

Dercass did a great job building this chair and it shows it through and through in terms of comfort and feel.  

The recliner goes from 90 degrees upto 135 degrees which is very decent.  

You get an adjustable lumbar.  

The swivel is also 360 degrees which is great.  

Ofcourse the mandatory extendible footrest is there as well.  

All of these feel solid and add to the comfort of the person sitting on it.  

Ofcourse, you get two cup holders on both sides of the chair, along with a side pouch. Dercass has given you lots of space to work around here which is great.  

Overall, if you want a strong and sturdy, comfortable and feature-rich gaming chair with cup holders then you can definitely go for this one and have a great time staying hydrated during the long gaming hours.  


4. RESPAWN 900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner, RSP 900 GRY 

respawn gaming chair
Primary MaterialsWood, Leather, Metal 
Overall Dimensions27.56 x 25.6 x 42.13 inches (L x W x H)  
Weight36.6 lbs
Capacity275 lbs 
Cup-holdersYes, single

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This is one of the best sellers in chairs and have been very popular among gamers.  

It comes at a lower price than the first in our list and does the job for most people who are looking for a good reclining gaming chair.  

This chair can recline from 90 degrees all the way upto 135.  

At the base you get 360 degree swivel capability and ofcourse, foot rest can be extended.  

You get a removable side pouch which you can use to quickly access your favorite accessories. 

The side pouch is removable which is a handy feature.  

You also get a cup holder on this game chair to keep your drinks close everytime you game. So you dont have to worry about not getting enough liquid when you play.  

In the end, this is also a good pick and many gamers have purchased it and like the chair so far.  


Our list consisted of some of the best gaming chair with cup holders out there and considering the number of features each and every one of them provides, it is definitely worth it to have a look at them and pick one. 


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