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In today’s day and age, everything is connected and we use the internet almost every day. Most of the surfing we do is usually on our mobile devices and android is the most popular platform of them all. Chances are that you are probably reading this article on your mobile device right now which happens to be an android phone.  

Why do you need a vpn for your android device? 

Well, are you using an android phone right now? If so then you should know that a large majority of public Wi-Fi connections have security vulnerabilities and they are easy for any hacker to hack into. And android, in general, is not as secure as it’s IOS counterparts (which doesn’t mean they cannot be hacked into either). Well, the point is that all devices are vulnerable and need a layer of protection to protect them from these types of vulnerabilities to protect your data from being leaked online and to protect your privacy and loss of property as well. Anyone who is knowledgeable enough can hack into your device if your network is unprotected. 

A completely other use case is that content may be blocked or censored in your region of the world. Do you want to access region-locked content and have access to completely unrestricted internet access for your device? Then you need to get yourself a VPN. 

Top 5 Best VPN for android. 

  1. Express VPN 

Being one of the fastest VPN around, this one is a no brainer. Express Vpn is a reliable VPN that performs very well on android devices. It provides complete online protection against malicious websites or hackers and gives you a seamless experience with optimum speed and performance in mind. The application is quite reliable and performs the way you expect it to. In terms of servers and their global network, they have an online presence in over 94 countries with upwards of 160 locations to choose from. You can install this VPN on your android device as well as all of your other devices with one subscription.  


  1. Surfshark VPN

One of the newcomers to the scene, Surfshark has taken the VPN world by storm with its super-fast speeds and reliability as well as it’s ultra-competitive pricing plans. Unlike other VPN providers, surfshark gives you unlimited simultaneous device connections which means there’s no limit to how many devices you connect with the same device. Not only does it have some of the best speeds and performance but the cost makes it a real bargain.

Now that’s what we call icing on the cake. Currently, Surfshark Vpn is present in 63 countries with more than 1700 servers for you to choose from. They also provide access to 15 Netflix libraries which means your Netflix account isn’t restricted to your region but to all the 15 libraries that Surfshark provides. One of the best deals and VPN out there for your android device. We highly recommend you try it yourself on your android phone.  


  1. Nord VPN

Nord is one of the most trusted and big name vpn providers out there. They are reliable and provide excellent security and come with a vast array of features. Nord follows a strict no logs policy which is a welcome feature and a much needed one in todays age of constant data leaks and thefts. With no logs all your important information remains with you and you alone because ofcourse it is no one else’s business what you do with your internet. 

Their encryption is also high quality and a tough one to crack for any hackers or spies. With over 5300 virtual locations to choose from over 59 countries worldwide, they also have a huge network for you to choose from. Overall, if you wanna go for a safe and trustworthy VPN that guarantees to keep your data secure then Nordvpn is the one for your android device. 


  1. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is for the heavy users and the streamers and for the people who are into torrenting. CyberGhost is an excellent VPN with all the necessary features one would expect from a VPN. The app is relatively easy to use and quite straight forward. It is fast and trustworthy and uses a highly secure military-grade encryption technique so your connections always remain secure and your data safe from dirty hands. 

They are also following a strict no-logs policy. This makes it ideal for those who are at risk of data theft or being hacked. The VPN works great on android and is getting constant updates to keep improving service and quality. They have more than 36 million active users. And are present in over 88 countries with 6300 servers to choose from. If you are a heavy user you should definitely go ahead and choose CyberGhost VPN for your android device. 


  1. Pure VPN

As the name suggests, it is indeed a pure form of a vpn. This vpn is a great choice for many and people love this vpn due to it’s functionality. It simply does what it promises to do. A fairly fast and highly secure connection is what you get when you use purevpn. Once you subscribe to one of their plans you can then use it to access whatever website you feel like using.

 The android experience is fair and works well. It gives you a complete premium experience not only on your android phone but throughout all of your 10 devices. Currently, they have more than 2000 servers in over 140 countries. This is a good number of locations for you to choose from. If you want to have a VPN for android that does what it says and gives you a good reliable experience you can choose purevpn for your android device. 



These were the top 5 best vpn for android that you can download and connect to right now. Always remember that no one is secure. Therefore, always keep your data and your android device as well as all other devices safe with a VPN.  Also check out the Best VPN Apps for all your devices.

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