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In this list, we will list out some of the best tower speakers under $1000. If you haven’t already upgraded to a tower speaker or if you are still wondering whether you should make the jump or not then this guide will definitely help you make up your mind.  

What are tower speakers?  

Tower speakers are a class of speakers that are more impactful and produce more true to life sounds than other classes of speakers. These speakers usually come with two channels, left and right and each channel will have its own dedicated drivers. Depending on the model of the tower speakers, the number of drivers may vary but it is usually around 2 or 3 in most cases. Each driver is dedicated to producing a specific frequency range be it lows, mids, or highs. This leads to very sophisticated and deep sounds that other normal speakers just cannot deliver.  

What are the best tower speakers under $1000? 

You will find a lot of good speakers in this range. This article is specifically dedicated to finding you the best tower speakers under $1000. In short, here is the list of the tower speakers for under a thousand dollars right now. We will also discuss in brief detail about each of these speakers. So here is the list: 

SpeakersRatingStore Page
1. Klipsch R-28PF4.6View Now
2. Klipsch RP-280F4.8 (Editor’s Choice)View Now
3. Fluance Signature Series4.5View Now
4. QAcoustics 3050i4.7View Now
5. Definitive Technology BP-90604.5View Now

1. Klipsch R-28PF Surround Powerful Floor Standing Speaker

Klipsch R-28F, one of the best tower speakers under $1000
Mounting TypeFloorstanding 
Frequency Response Range33Hz – 20kHz
Max Output 114dB
Maximum Output Power 260 Watts
Speaker dimensions 15.7” D x 9.5” W x 42” H (Per speaker)
Weight 56.67 lbs each

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By now, Klipsch has made a name for itself because of its consistent delivery of excellent audiophile dreams. Model after model, Klipsch speakers have been able to captivate and hypnotize its users with their amazing sound quality and overall build. 

This Klipsch R-28 PF is no exception when it comes to keeping up with the brand’s reputation and also taking it a few notches further.  

If you are an audiophile looking for the most realistic sound and a quality set of tower speakers that can bring the action right into your living room then this one is an excellent choice.  

One of the best features of this set of tower speakers is that it comes with an inbuilt 260 Watts amplifier. Thus, nullifying any need to get an external one and deal with extra expenses and hassles.  

All the speakers contain a 1-inch Aluminium diaphragm compression driver. As well as dual 8-inch woofers that is copper spun and magnetically shielded.  

In terms of raw sound quality, you will find that it doesn’t lag in any department and produces some excellent frequencies with little to no noise which is great. Be it the highs, mids, or the lows, this one is an all-rounder and definitely deserves to be first in the list of best tower speakers under $1000.  

2. Klipsch RP-280F Floorstanding Tower Speakers

RP 280F tower speakers
Mounting TypeFloorstanding
Frequency32Hz to 25kHz
Power Output150Watts (600 Watts peak)
Dimension43.06” x 10.55” x 18.32” inches
Weight62.5 lbs
Impedance8 Ohms

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Another magnificent pair of tower speakers from Klipsch, the RP-280 F is one of the most popular and highly rated speakers on the market.  

If you want to have the perfect pair of tower speakers for yourself and your home. Then in no case should you ignore this amazing piece of art that the RP-280F speakers are.  

Aesthetically, they garnered a lot of influence from the musical instruments themselves. Who wouldn’t want an amazing sounding set of tower speakers at their homes that not only deliver peak performance in terms of sheer audio output? But as well as look very damn elegant and attractive doing so.  

Sound wise, due to it’s circular horn paired to a squared one, it amounts to some impeccable high frequency response.  

While on the other hand, due to the specifically crafted design and compressed molded rubber implementation, even in high frequencies the harshness is highly minimized.  

The sounds are very crystal clear and realistic to nature.  

Other than that, the MDF cabinet makes for some of the most sturdy and solid build quality that you will ever see in a pair of tower speakers. 

 Overall, it is a great pick for the price and if you are willing to pay a thousand bucks for a pair of speakers, then you should definitely be looking at this. A great pick for one of the best tower speakers under $1000. 

3. Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floorstanding Tower Speakers

Fluance hi-fi
Mounting TypeFloorstanding
Frequency Response35hz – 20khz
Sensitivity89 Db 
Impedance 8 Ohm
Dimensions 47.24 x 10.9 x 15.4 Inch
Weight62.4 lbs Each

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If you want to experience your music like it was played right in front of you. Or if you were in a concert, then these floor standing speakers should be the way to go for you.  

The audio reproduction is very lifelike and no compromises were made in terms of delivering some of the most powerful audio delivery out there.  

All of this amazing performance comes as a result of pure engineering and design. Everything is fine-tuned in such a way that this speaker can replicate audio as if it’s real life.  

One of the strongest points of these speakers is that it’s lows are very good.  

Such is also the case for the bass which are very clean and clear.  

This set of speakers come equipped with high-quality neodymium tweeters. This makes it very capable of producing highs that are never too harsh and can always be listened to with clarity. 

4. QAcoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speakers 

Qacoustics 3050i, floorstanding speakers
Product Dimensions12.2 x 12.2 x 40.2 inches 
Mounting typeFloorstanding
Weight79 lbs.
Frequency Response range44 Hz-30 kHz
Impedance6 Ohm
Crossover Type 2-way
Sensitivity91 dB

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If you like modern and minimalistic and your budget is a little bit on the lower side, then the 3050i is the perfect for you.  

These tower speakers are perfectly designed to deliver excellent performance. It has twin precision drivers and also due to its Point to Point bracing design, you don’t get the unwanted vibrations that many speakers seem to give out.  

In terms of sound, the quality exceeds far above speakers around this price range. The sound profile itself sounds solid and feels and sounds amazing even if you crank the volume up higher.  

Even the vocals, you can hear each voice and each syllable distinctly. The vocals are crisp and crystal clear.  

Even the treble on this speakers is very remarkable and you can expect  

even high frequencies to not turn sour, it just packs the right punch.  

If your budget cannot afford a $1500 speaker then there’s nothing wrong with going with this one. Which comes for around half of that and performs just as well. Nothing more to say for one of the best tower speakers under $1000.

5. Definitive Technology BP-9060 Tower Speaker  

BP 9060
Mounting Type Floorstanding
Dimensions 13 x 11 x 44.5 inches
Frequency range18 Hz – 40 kHz
Maximum Power Output 600 Watts
Internal Amplifier Yes 
Impedance  8 Ohms
Sensitivity 92dB
Weight 56 lbs.

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Definitive Technologies is definitely a big player when it comes to tower speakers and is definitely a brand you trust and know will always deliver.  

The tower speakers from DT are a bit different from other more conventional speakers. DT speakers widely take use of the bipolar speaker technology which makes them more suited towards outputting sound profiles that tend to cater to spacious audio.  

With the latest model of DT, this effect is a little bit toned down so audio outputs are more focused and have a better clarity.  

The bass is strong but not so much that it would become uncomfortable. The treble is very good as well. Vocals sound clear with a little bit of added spaciousness, but still, the sound was great.  All of this makes it a great pick for one of the best tower speakers under $1000.

Overall, a good buy if you are into bipolar speakers. You can definitely check it out. 



These were our picks for the best tower speakers under $1000. They offer excellent quality and performance for the price and if you are an audiophile or an enthusiast music listener then one of these tower speakers should definitely be a part of your life. Believe me, a good set of speakers can elevate your life and yourself to new heights of audio experiences. 

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