Best floorstanding speakers under $1000 [2021]

This article will list out the best floorstanding speakers under 1000. We try our best to select the best picks for you. All the speakers in this list are highly rated and come with great customer satisfaction.

Why do we need the best floorstanding speakers under $1000?

For the many audiophiles and music enthusiasts, having a good set of speakers is a must. Most people aren’t content with simply listening to their music with their headphones or earphones.  

Having a good floorstanding speaker should be very up in the priority list if you are a serious music lover.  

In this list we will look at some of the best floorstanding speakers under 1000 USD. These speakers are highly rated and very well appreciated by their users and all of them deserve to be in this list.  

So let’s begin with the list of: 

5 Best Floorstanding Speakers Under $1000 

This list consists of some the best picks for floor standing speakers that you can buy right now.

SpeakersRatingStore Page
1. JBL Studio 5904.6/5View Price
2. Polk Audio LSiM 705 Superior4.6/5View Price
3. Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi4.4/5View Price
4. Cerwin-Vega XLS-2154.5/5View Price
5. SVS Ultra Tower Speaker4.3/5View Price

1. JBL Studio 590 Dual 8-Inch Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Each) 

Jbl best floorstanding speakers under $1000
Frequency response35Hz-40kHz 
Crossover Frequencies1.5 kHz
Sensitivity92 dB 
Ported EnclosureYes
Connector TypeDual Gold Plated 
Impedence 6 ohms
Recommended power(amplifier)250 Watts
Weight 69.5 lbs.
Item dimensions 16.5 x 12.8 x 49 inches

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 JBL needs no introduction when it comes to delivering audio excellence throughout the years. Most movie theatres as well as concerts and even other highly important events choose JBL as their go to loudspeakers.  

This pair of 8 inch speakers aim to bring that same exhilarating experience into your living room.  

Some of the key features of this amazing loudspeakers include 

Dual 8″ (200mm) transducers for amazing low frequency outputs.  

The outside is made up of polyplas cones that is surrounded by rubber.  

This speaker comes with symmetrical field geometry or in short SFG technology.  

The bass is quite strong and clean and the imaging of this speaker will truly get your mind blown.  

In terms of design and built, it looks modern and minimalistic. The enclosure itself is made up of MDF and the heavily braced design makes for an excellent and clear sound output.  

Overall, if you are willing to spend money and you want to go for one of the best floorstanding speakers under $1000 then this one is definitely what I will recommend you to get.  

2. Polk Audio LSiM 705 Superior 

Polk audio speaker
Mounting TypeFloorstanding Tower Speaker 
Type  Subwoofer
Maximum Output power250 watts
Frequency response range20Hz-40kHz 
Upper limit30kHz 
Lower Limit 38kHz
Impedence8 ohm 
Input typedual gold plated
Cabinet height129.6 cm
cabinet width46.83 cm 
Weight 99.2 pounds per unit

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The Polk Audio Lsim 705 Superior is a great speaker for the price and once that has been wildly popular among audiophiles.  You can feel every beat, the mids and the lows all come out very well in this one of the very best floorstanding speakers under $1000. 

The outside is enclosed within a very well built and premium looking and feeling enclosure. Not only does this speaker set sound good, it will make your living room look even better with it’s modern and sleek looking design.  

This speaker is equipped with Polk’s very own dynamic sonic design which helps the speakers output excellent mids through the midrange drivers. The improved and powerful imaging on this speakers coupled with the very powerful horizontal off axis response makes it a great pick for the enthusiast buyer.  

Other features include the following: 

  • Cassini oval subwoofers instead of traditional round drivers which lets it output even greater quality sounds.  
  • Enhanced bass and optimized driver and power handling capabilities.  
  • Great mid and high frequency response.  
  • Not only that, the basket is made out of Aluminium which leads to unobstructed and precise movement with plenty of room for air to pass.  

Overall, this is gonna blow alot of minds and will surely make you admire how capable this set of floorstanding speakers really is.  

3. Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floorstanding Tower Speakers with Dual 8″ Woofers (HFFW)  

Fluance signature series speakers
Mount Type  Floorstanding
Item Dimensions  15.40 x 10.90 x 47.30 inches
Configuration3 Way 4 Driver 
weight  62.4 lbs. Per Speaker
power handling  90-200 Watts
Frequency response 35Hz-20Khz
Impedance  8 Ohm

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The Fluance Signature Series is one of those floorstanding speakers which prioritizes realistic sounds over anything else. If you want your home to sound like a concert and feel like a concert, this speaker can do that for you. For under 1000 bucks, you get an amazing pair of speakers which is built with high quality materials and engineered to perfection for bringing out realistic lows.  

And the bass of this speaker set is also very remarkable.  

Also, the cabinets are made up of MDF wood which is audio grade and helps dampen the sound and give you a distortion free and clear audio output. 

In addition to that, the powerful 8 inch subwoofers create excellent and powerful bass.  

In terms of high frequency, the neodymium tweeters produce high quality and very clarified undistorted high frequencies which is also a very great feature of this premium speakers.  

All of this, combined with the excellent build and engineering really makes it to be one of the best floorstanding speakers under $1000 right now. 

4. Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 Dual 15″ 3-Way Home Audio Floor Tower Speaker 

Cerwin vega xls best floorstanding speakers under $1000
Frequency response  38Hz – 20Khz
Peak power capacity  500 Watts
Sensitivity 95.3 dB
Impedence  6 Ohms
weight  116lbs
Dimensions 49.7 x 17 x 21.1 inches

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 The XLS speaker is undoubtedly one of the loudest speakers out there. Even for one of the best floorstanding speakers under $1000, being this loud is not an easy task.  

Regardless, It can truly shake the ground itself and can make you move and groove to it’s powerful audio output.  

In addition to that, this 15 inch woofer comes with a 6.5 inch mid range speaker which provides excellent quality output for your pleasure.  

On the other hand, the tweeter itself is a 1 inch soft dome tweeter.  

Overall, this combination makes for a deadly mixture of excellent quality sound and great low end frequencies.


5. SVS Ultra Tower Speaker (Single) – Piano Gloss Black 

SVS ULtra best floorstanding speakers under $1000
Mounting type  floorstanding
Dimensions  16.80 x 13.80 x 45.60 inches
weight  75 lbs.
Maximum output power 300 watts
 Sensitivity88 dB (2.83V @ 1 meter full-space, 300-3kHz)
Nominal impedance8 ohms
Binding postsDual gold-plated 5-way binding posts
Recommended amplifier power20-300 watts
Rated bandwidth28 Hz-32 kHz (+/-3 dB)

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The reason this speaker is in this list is because it delivers a very high quality sound that can be considered unparalleled when you consider it doesnt compromise in any end of the spectrum.  

The build of this speaker set is very solid and this comes with a Forcefactor woofer array. Consequently, this lets it achieve low frequency outputs like no other speakers on the market.  

The bass is very deep and can reach the inner depths of your soul.  

Additionally, it is also equipped with a 6.5″ midrange driver which are built from composite glass cones, making them deliver unparalleled quality audio outputs.  

This speaker set also comes with an aluminium dome tweeter which lets it produce excellent high end sound.  

Other than that, the imaging is also very accurate and the overall sound quality makes it one of the best floorstanding speakers under $1000 in the market right now. 

The Best floorstanding Speakers Under $1000 – Conclusion

The speakers on this list make up to be some of the best selections on the market right now.

Also, we made sure, all of these speakers were highly rated and came under the price of 1000. Currently, these are leading the category in terms of raw audio performance and overall quality in terms of outputting great sound. All of these speakers deserve to be called the best floorstanding speakers under $1000.


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