Best automatic dive watch under $1000 | [2021]

best dive watch under $1000
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Dive watches are still very popular and some of the most sought-after variant of watches that money can afford.  They are highly versatile and extremely reliable and resistant to nature’s forces. Many watch enthusiasts and normal day to day users love the versatility that this type of watch provides.  Keeping that in mind, we decided to compile a list of the best automatic dive watches under $1000 in this article.  

Seiko Men’s SKX009K2 Automatic dive watch 


Seiko mens automatic dive watch

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This is one of the most popular dive watches currently and has received lots of praise and love from the people who bought it.  

This watch features a stainless steel body, an analog display and a five link stainless steel band.  

The band itself comes with a fold over clasp.  

Being a dive watch, it’s key selling point is its water resistance. Which is measured to resist water pressure up until 200 meters underwater.  


  • Meant for sports activity, professional marine sports.
  • Can be used as a day to day watch.


  • Not meant for scuba diving.  

Seiko SKX007J1 Analog Japanese-Automatic Black 

Seiko analog automatic

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Another watch from Seiko is also very popular among dive watch enthusiasts and comes with a solid quality and feature set.  

The case itself is stainless steel but the strap is made out of resin.  

The watch has been implanted with hardlex mineral crystal.  

Other features include a day and date display as well as luminous markers and hands.  

In terms of water resistivity, you get 200 m underwater resistance which is fairly decent amount.  


  • great price  
  • good feature list 


  • The band could have been made out of metal.  

Hazard Heavy Water Diver

Hazard Heavy Water Diver


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if you are only looking for the most hardcore and heavy duty watch and are willing to make no compromise when it comes to choosing your wrist buddy then this watch from Hazard is the best watch you can find right now.  

The titanium built body ensures that the watch can withstand impacts. Compared to steel body watches, titanium watches are much more durable as well as lightweight making them the perfect build material for your automatic dive watches.  

The glass itself is scratch resistant due to it’s sapphire crystal coating. Also, the imbued tritium Swiss mini lamps make sure the that the markers always glow and never fade out. 

Additionally, the water resistance of this beast is of up to 300 meters or 990 feet which is a very adequate number.  

Overall it is one of the best choices that you can go for in an automatic dive watch under a grand.  


  • scratch-resistant glass 
  • tritium swiss mini lamps 
  • 300 m high water resistance  
  • titanium build 


  • It’s overly sporty looks may not be of everyone’s preference.  
  • the strap could have been metallic.  

Seiko Men’s SRPA21 Prospex X Automatic 

Best watches under $1000 Seiko

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This automatic diver’s watch from Seiko comes with an all metal body.  

It is comprised of 24 jewels.  

Also, the luminous silver-tone and red hands make it stand out and look quite attractive.  

It can withstand water resistance of upto 200 meters or 660 feet which is pretty adequate.  


  • Scratch-resistant glass 
  • Metallic body 


  • No complains at this price point.  

Alpina Men’s Seastrong Diver Swiss Quartz Diving Watch (Model: AL-247LNN4TV6B) 

Alpina Men's diver watch

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When it comes to dive watches, you want something that’s resistant and durable as well as doesn’t hold you back with its weight.  

Titanium is preferred due to it’s lightweight nature. Titanium therefore, is highly preferred for dive watches.  

This watch from Alpina is a great pick for divers looking for something that is reliable and automatic.  

The watch itself has a resistance of up to 300 m or a solid 990 ft making it perfect for divers.  

The body is a mixture of stainless steel and titanium.  

It also doubles as a horological smartwatch which adds to connectivity even when underwater.  

Overall, the body is solid and looks classy and very attractive as well.  


  • solid build 
  • includes horological smartwatch feature 
  • up to 1000 ft of water resistance 
  • good looks 


  • It is expensive.  
  • the case is not titanium.  

 Tissot Seastar 1000 Automatic Watch T120.407.17.051.00 

Tissot Seastar 1000 automatic diver watch

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When it comes to telling time, Tissot watches are what comes into most people’s minds. It’s no surprise that Tissot can make quality watches and so is the case for this automatic diver.  

The design is straight forward and isn’t one of those distracting types at that.  

It’s purely a 6.5 ounces of simplistic elegance.  

Also due to it’s water resistance of up to 300 m it is a very competent automatic diver watch.  

The materials include a stainless steel case with a fabric band.  

The dial window is scratch resistant and made out of scratch resistant glass.  


  • Simple design 


  • The band could have been better.  

Tissot Men’s Seastar Swiss Quartz Sport Watch (Model: T1204171104101) 

Seastar quartz sports watch

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The Seastar line is very popular among people looking for reliable and sturdy dive watches.  

This watch features a full metallic body made out of stainless steel.  

This dive watch is automatic and comes with the Powermatic 80 movement. This makes it a great choice for water sports activities and as such is a great way to showcase your skills on water while at the same time keeping track of your time.  

It is measured for 300 m or 1000 ft of underwater resistance.  


  • Full metallic body 
  • Great design 


  • Not suitable for snorkeling or prolonged diving  

Seiko PROSPEX Marinemaster Quartz Watch SBBN035

Seiko prospex

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The Seiko ProSpex Marinemaster is one of the highest rated watch out there and rightfully so.  

It is rated for up to 300 meters of under water pressure resistance and holds well in most wet environments.  

The watch has a nice single-tone black body. The watch-case itself is made out of stainless steel, while silicon is used for the bands.  

Making it one of lighter and more durable watches on this list.  

The overall build quality is pretty nice and is also satisfying to wear.  


  • Great design 
  • Lightweight and perfect for marine sports 


  • Expensive 

Pantor Seahorse 1000 m Diving Watch

Pantor Seahorse

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The seahorse from Pantor has all the qualities of an excellent diver.  

It is a premium quality automatic dive watch is very functional, aesthetic and well built.  

You get 1000 m of underwater resistance which is a very considerable amount making it one of the best picks for any deep water activities or marine sports. 

The body is made out of stainless steel, bracelet and all.  

The watch follows a unique design but never distracting.  

You get a swiss diver type extension buckle clasp and the case itself is coated with sapphire crystal giving it the extra protection you need.  


  • Great design and functionality.  
  • Very high underwater resistance.  


  • Slightly expensive 
  • May be too simple for people looking for something extra.  

Marathon WW194007 Tsar Swiss Made Military Issue Milspec Diver’s Watch

Marathon Tsar series automatic diver/ dive watches

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This Swiss made marvel is a complete powerhouse when it comes to telling time even at the most extreme conditions. It is specifically made to be a military grade watch making it very durable and reliable.  

You can expect it to serve you very well throughout any situation.  

The case itself is made of stainless steel and the band out of rubber.  

Also, the dial window is coated with anti reflective sapphire crystal.  

Additionally, the watch can withstand underwater pressure of up to 300 m.  

Another plus point is it’s inclusion of tritium gas tubes which make it glow without the need of any external power source. 


  • Great build quality and very sturdy.  
  • Tritium gas tubes are a great addition.  
  • Perfect for sports activities.  


  • Band could have been better  


So these were our picks for the best automatic dive watches under $1000. Remember that a watch is a part of you and you definitely deserve the best. These divers are highly rated and are very reliable and are sure to keep you updated with your time without fail. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dive watches?  

As the name suggests, these are watches specifically made for the purpose of diving or withstanding high underwater pressure of at least 100 m. They can be used for water sports or activities of that sort but are also great for day to day use due to their superior resistance and sturdiness compared to other watches. Read more.  

What do you mean by an automatic watch?  

Simply said, an automatic watch does not require manual winding for the mainspring. In other words, you don’t need to wind the mainspring to ensure your watch is working. The natural motion of the wearer provides enough energy for that to occur by itself. These types of watches are called automatic watches. Read more.

Can I use dive watches for day to day use?  

Definitely, we are creatures of the land. For most of us, a good majority of our lives are spent not on any water surface but on the land itself. Dive watches don’t look any different than any other watch and can be worn and used whenever you like and wherever you prefer to take them. 

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