5 Best Light Weight Window Air Conditioners of 2021 | Reviews and Guide

This list contains 5 of the best light weight window air conditioners with their reviews.

Summer is on its way and many of us are preparing ourselves for the sweaty days that are ahead of us. This is the reason why having an air conditioner is so important. And speaking of Air cons, we should also keep in mind that installing a split AC or a central air conditioning unit can poke a huge hole inside your wallets.  

Not to mention, the potential installation and maintenance of these gigantic units are a hassle itself. 

This is why many people prefer light weight window air conditioners instead. These things are pretty good at what they do and also cost a fraction of the price of their larger siblings. 

All of these benefits compelled us to make our top 5 list of these window air conditioners today so you can choose what’s best for you. 

Top 5 Best light-weight window air conditioners 

1. MIDEA EasyCool Window Air Conditioner

Light weight window air conditioner from Midea
9Expert Score

Best overall.

  • Extremely quiet
  • Can operate in 3 modes 
  • Easy to install 
  • Remote controlled 
  • Eco mode  
  • For the price, I would say none.

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Midea is known worldwide for their quality air conditioning systems. And are pretty much what comes to mind when we think of good lightweight window air conditioners. 

This is the 8000 BTU model which is good for rooms of up to 350 sq. ft. But should you need it, you can always opt for a larger capacity version.

It comes with a 3 in 1 functionality. As in, it can work as an air conditioner, a dehumidifier and also a good old cooling fan. 

It circulates fresh air and once installed can start cooling a whole room within a few minutes. 

The cooling is pretty good and the unit runs considerably quieter than many other air conditioning units in this segment.  

Add to that, the very convenient remote control, it really ends up sealing the deal. Due to it’s compact size and design, the air conditioner is also very easy to install and will need only a screw driver in most cases to get the job done.  

Overall, it right fully deserves the first spot in this list and we can freely recommend this to anyone looking for a good lightweight window airconditioner.  


2. Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner

U shaped window AC
9Expert Score

Easily one of the best window air conditioners out there.

  • Extremely quiet operation 
  • U shaped design
  • Energy Star Certified. 
  • Smart connectivity features
  • Initial installation can be a little bit time consuming due to it's unique design.  

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What I love about this window air conditioner is it’s very functional and ergonomic U shaped design. 

It is one of the best sellers in the segment and people seem to love this AC like crazy. 

Due to the design, you can separate the cooling system and block any unwanted noise with your window itself. This enables this unit to achieve unparalleled quietness levels in its price range. 

Also, it is one of those few gems which has some of the best energy efficiency compared to other window air conditioners. 

In addition to that, it is also quite lightweight at 67 lbs. and makes it fairly easy to install and maintain over time. And yes, it does come with a mounting bracket so you don’t need to buy anything additional. 

On top of that, this light-weight window air conditioner also has wifi support and works with many of the popular voice assistants. Be it Alexa or google assistant, it also has an ios app that lets you take control through your iPhone itself. 

All of these perks make it a great choice for anyone looking for a modern and efficient window AC. 

3. TOSOT 3 in 1 Window AC


8.75Expert Score

Great design and easy to use.

  • Great design.
  • Remote controlled
  • Can switch across 3 different modes
  • Fairly easy to install 
  • It is quiet but not as quiet as the ones mentioned above but for the price I really can't complain. 

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This is another one of those 3 in 1 lightweight window air conditioners and as such provides some great value.  

Its is a pretty genuinely good AC that comes with a plethora of different perks and benefits. 

 Let’s start with the design of this unit. It’s pretty sleek and modern looking. 

The AC has a light touch display as well as a remote for controls. Both are very functional and built with quality and user ease in mind.  

 And this air conditioner can also pump put air in multiple directions making it great in terms of overall cooling.  

The cooling itself is fairly quick and should cool a room within a few minutes, ofcourse, depending on the size of the room and which capacity model you picked.  

Also, let’s not forget that this window air conditioner can work as a dehumidifier and a simple fan. Of course if the need ever arises, having the option helps. Especially if you live in a humid area this can definitely be a great help easing the pain.  

Finally, to make it even better, the AC comes with an Energy star rating and provides efficient usage. It is also UL approved so you know the quality is quite good.  

4. TCL 12W3E1-A 12,000 BTU light window-air-conditioners 

8.5Expert Score

A high capacity window air conditioner for a low price.

  • Large capacity 
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install 
  • No smart features, it's a good old window air conditioner. 

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This 12000 BTU window air conditioner is also a great choice in terms of cooling capacity.  

You get a high quality unit that can deliver alot of value. Mostly due to it being an efficient Energy Star rated model and also due to its design. The air conditioner also lets you adjust the direction of airflow. This unit can pump out air in 8 different directions which is pretty useful in terms of reach and coverage of the cooling.  

The design itself is nothing to write home about, but there’s nothing wrong in implementing whats already tried and tested. It features a display with a control pad and also, you get the ability to remotely control it with the handy remote controller. 

And yes, it is very quiet and shouldn’t ever let you have a hard time sleeping or be distracting at all.  All of these features essentially make it very easy for me to recommend and you should definitely check it out.

5. Frigidaire Energy Star 12,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Compact Air Conditioner 

Fridgaire light weight window air conditioners
8.5Expert Score

Large capacity with a feature set just as large.

  • Good design 
  • Large capacity
  • User friendly 
  • It may not fit smaller windows, the height of this unit is 15.5 inches so keep that in mind should you decide to make a purchase. 

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This is final unit on our list and also one of the best rated air conditioners in the market.  

Its a very solid unit which has a classic design with a modern twist.  

It has a nice user interface with an LED screen. You can set the speed, and the timer as well. There are two different modes to switch from. The Eco mode helps conserve energy and on the other hand, the sleep mode is great during for when you sleep.  

The fan speed can be easily adjusted using a push of a button and you have 3 presets to choose from.  

Other than that, you can always adjust and modify how and where you want the air to flow. The 6 way comfort control design let’s you choose where you want the air to flow in which is a pretty decent feature.  

You also get a remote control which can sense temperature and allows you to modify temperatures and much more from across the room. Overall, it’s a decent air conditioner and one worthy of being on this list.  

Definitely check it out.  

Buyer’s Guide and F.A.Q

What are the best light weight window air conditioners?

After doing a ton of research we found that the Midea U Inverter is the best lightweight window air conditioner in the market at this time. And rightfully so. As it checks all the marks and is also quite an innovative unit with its unique design and tons of connectivity features, you cannot go wrong if you go for it. On the other hand, the Midea Easycool is also a great choice and has its own set of unique perks which made it earn the top position in our list. Affordability and value for money are the main reasons behind it.

What do I look for when I shop for a window AC?

Always keep in mind the capacity of the unit as well as the voltage and power draw. It’s usually preferred to have an energy star rated air conditioner to avoid energy waste and paying hefty bills. Other features like design, ease of use and maintenance are also important factors to keep in mind.

Can I use these window air conditioners in a large room?

Yes, definitely. But make sure you get the right capacity version of it to not run in trouble. Window air conditioners are usually more ideal for single rooms than the whole house. Usually, an 8000 BTU model should be enough for any room that’s close to 350 sq. ft. in area. If the room is larger then you should just opt for the larger variant of the model.

Are window air conditioners better than central AC?

Both are good in their own way, window air conditioners are very good when it comes to cooling a single room. Central AC’s are usually used to cool down the whole house but they are also very expensive and require a lot of work to install and then maintain. While window AC’s are pretty easy and straight forward to install and then maintain.

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