28 Inch Wide Refrigerator Bottom Freezer

Your search for the best 28 inch wide refrigerator bottom freezer is finally over. In this article we will list a comprehensive and detailed review of some of the best picks available on the market right now. These refrigerators come with top of the line features and a bottom freezer as well and will be a great new addition to your home and specifically your kitchen.  

Out of the numerous ones that are on the market right now, these two have specifically managed to impress us with what they are providing for the price.  

So without further ado, let’s begin the list of some of the best 28 inch wide refrigerators with bottom freezers. 

1. Haier HRF15N3AGS – 28-inch wide refrigerator bottom freezer 

28 inch wide refrigerator bottom freezer

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Product Specifications: 

  • Model number : HRF15N3AGS 
  •  Weight : 201 lbs 
  •  Capacity: 15 cu. ft. 
  • Shelf type: Glass 
  • Number of shelves: 4 
  • Form factor: French door 
  •  Voltage: 115 volts 

Dimensions : 26.5 x 28 x 71 inches (D x W x H)  

This refrigerator is one of Haier’s top end models and provide an excellent set of features and ofcourse a lot of separated drawers.  

The fridge has a french door form factor and as you can see has a bottom freezer compartment which is spacious enough to keep quite a handful of items stored cool and safe. Apart from that, it is a modern looking refrigerator that comes with all the bells and whistles that you will expect from one in this range.  

The freezer is excellent at cooling.

It cools up items stored pretty quickly throughout all the compartments.  Its range of features includes electronic temperature control which lets you change temperature settings in one-degree increments. This consequently gives you a lot of control when it comes to controlling the life of the food that is stored inside the refrigerator. I think this is a very solid feature. And makes it a good choice for the control freaks and super cautious ones.  

The overall capacity of this freezer is 15 cubic feet which is a sizable amount. It lets you store a variety of food items all throughout and evenly. And the separated compartments let you store different varieties of food in different settings.  

This is not all from this 28-inch wide refrigerator bottom freezer

Haier has provided some premium glass shelves which help you to evenly store your food. While at the same time providing the functionality to rearrange them. This means you can easily switch and readjust how you store your food and what you store. You can always expect to make space.  

The cooling of this machine is pretty good. As it provides an additional boost of chilled air which rapidly cools down both fresh food and freezer compartments at the same time. This makes for a great added feature.  

Overall, a great machine for the price and definitely one to be considered if you are looking for a top-notch 28 inch wide refrigerator bottom freezer for your kitchen.  

2. Summit Appliance FFBF279SS 

summit fridge

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Product specifications: 

  • Model : FFBF279SS 
  • Energy-star certified 
  • 14.8 cu ft capacity 
  • Frost-free operation 
  • Digital temperature controls  
  • Full door shelves : 3
  • Half door shelves: 2
  • Weight 177 lbs

Dimensions : 26.75 x 27.63 x 67.63 inches ( D x W x H) 

For the next item in the list, we have a bottom freezer refrigerator from GE. The reason being, it checks all of our marks and comes with all the necessary features and of course our star of the show which is a bottom freezer. Which makes it our second choice for the best 28 inch wide refrigerator bottom freezer. 

It opens up in the same fashion at the bottom, as it does on the top. This is great because it lets it have some extra space down at the bottom. Additionally, the best part is, it looks pretty damn good. It surely is gonna get people impressed. 

The main compartment is pretty spacious and can easily fit large items in. Also, it has full-width door-racks. This means all the real estate of the door is used efficiently and as much as possible.


This 28 inch wide refrigerator bottom freezer comes with an Energy Star rating

Meaning, you save big on those electricity bills.  

As we have already established, it’s 28 inches in width and comes with a counter depth fit which means even if your kitchen is small, it will fit easily. So no need to worry about whether your new freezer will fit in your kitchen. It surely will.  

The bottom freezer is designed with the users accessibility in mind which is something we love about this fridge. All the shelves are properly separated so you can sort out everything down at the bottom and dont have to worry about it later on.  

This also offers a truly frost free operation. Meaning, you wont get any icy build ups in the future which will lead to an easier maintainance of this fridge.  

The interior is pretty solid and comes with adjustable glass shelves so you can always make space when necessary. You also get an LED lighting and a digitally controlled temperature system making it a bonus at this point.  

If you are looking for a good 28-inch wide refrigerator bottom freezer then look no further. You can definitely go for this one.


So far, we brought you our top two picks so far for the best 28 inch wide refrigerator bottom freezer included. These have everything you could ask for and most importantly, they check all of the marks necessary to be included in this article. If you liked this review and made up your mind to purchase an item then do click on the ‘buy on amazon’ button above to support us. 

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